Have you searched online for Holiday marketing tips only to find that many of them are unrealistic for where you are with your business? You may be a startup or a small business that doesn’t have a storefront that you can decorate, or you don’t have the budget to sponsor or host an event. Therefore, I have put together my favorite Halloween Marketing Tips from the Internet for your reference, and guess what? I only included the ones I feel are completely doable, don’t take too much of your time, and get you excited for the upcoming holiday, rather than stressed beyond belief.

You might be late to the game, but with these simple action items, you can definitely create and implement a Halloween marketing plan that works!

1. Host a Pumpkin Hunt on Your Website

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-6-03-18-pmEncourage people to visit your website by adding pumpkin pictures or icons to your website, and offer a discount, freebie, or exclusive content to the top winners. This not only encourages users to go deeper into your website and view multiple pages, but it is also one of the easiest and quickest ways to show your holiday spirit. In addition, this tip can be used year-round with different holiday icons.

The best way to announce this would be on social media, and also through an email campaign. You may even choose to add it as a pop-up on or section on your website to get your general website traffic involved. Remember to be clear with your guidelines, and set expectations for how long the hunt will last, and when you will announce & reward the winners. source

2. Engage Your Audience with Voting

pexels-photo-185478Team Player: If you’re already having a Halloween party at work, take pictures of the costumes, OR hold a pumpkin carving contest instead and post pictures on social media! Next, ask followers which costume/pumpkin is their favorite. After the votes are in, highlight the contest winner in a post with their picture.

One-Man Show: Have followers guess what your costume will be this year. If you were going to be Chewbacca from Star Wars, give them a hint that it’s someone from that movie. You can tag the people who guessed it right once you post the picture of yourself in the costume. Another idea would be to ask people to vote for their favorite Halloween movie! This can be open-ended, or a choice between two.

Remember to set expectations of when you will announce the winner! This reminds followers to check your profile again later. source

3. Create Themed Bundles

Bundle your products together, give them themed names! “For example, if you sell food items, put some complementary items together and call it your “Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Kit.” If you sell jewelry, put a few of your bestsellers together and call it the “Halloween Hottie” bundle. Discount your bundles $5-10, and you’ve got a brand-new way to promote old products.” source

4. Send Out Halloween-Themed Email Campaigns.

halloween-templateFoster your relationship with your current client base and subscribers by sending them a Halloween-themed email! You can announce your sales, add Halloween images, or drive them to your website with a call to action. Follow these 3 steps when scheduling your emails:

  1. Announcement – could be of your upcoming Holiday discount, contest, etc.
  2. Reminder – send with 1 day or a few hours left to take advantage of the offer
  3. Thank You – It’s always nice to receive a thank you!

If you don’t have an email list to send to, check out this article on growing your list! source

5. Create a Unique Hashtag

Ask followers to post a picture of their costume with your own unique hashtag for a chance to win and be featured on your page. You can offer a discount on your products/services, or even give out a gift card that doesn’t relate to your company. Starbucks, American Express, and Target are always good options. When coming up with the hashtag, follow these main rules:


  1. Make sure you can tell it relates to your business (Ex: #GSpumpkinhunt rather than #GSPH)
  2. Do a quick search to make sure it’s not being used by anyone (or too many people)
  3. Don’t make it too long

6. Add Halloween Elements to Your Branding

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-8-58-39-pmYou can go all out and change your logo to a pumpkin, add Frankenstein’s monster to your signage, fall leaves to your flyers and website. OR you can be more discrete by adding elements to only specific pages of your website (let’s say, the footer) or changing your social icons to something clever like the ones pictured. source

7. Create a Video

Need some convincing that video is taking over, and it should be a big part of your marketing strategy? Read this article on the psychology behind watching a video rather than reading text. Let me tell you that it’s not as hard to do as you might think. If you are looking for a place to start, create a story on Instagram or Snapchat letting everyone know you’re upcoming sales and promotions. You can do it with a Halloween theme, or not! What counts is getting it published. Once your video is done, you can asses, and if you think you can do better, no worries! It’s only up for 24 hours. Once you get the hang of it, then you can post a longer video on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube. -Just be sure to keep it under 30 seconds. That’s the sweet spot. source

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