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Live Video Streaming on Instagram

Instagram announced recently that they are adding the ability to broadcast live on the platform. To see which of the people you are following are live, check the stories on the top of your home feed. If you want to see top live videos, you can even head to the explore page to see what people around the globe are broadcasting. To go live yourself, simply swipe right, and click “start live video”.

You will see the same familiar features as you do on Periscope, and Facebook Live including the ability to send notifications to your friends when you go live and enable comments. The main difference being that Instagram Live videos will not be saved after ending the session according to Hypable.

What does this mean for businesses? Well, there is one business structure that is sure to benefit from live broadcasting… Do you think it’s pop-up-shops? -Because I do! Adding a short clip to their story and letting fans know their location was one thing… Now they can stream a video with all the details, and even answer questions in real time as they come pouring in.

But hey… I’m guessing you’re not a pop-up-shop, but there are still many ways to use this feature to your advantage.

Why not try

  1. Sharing a video of your storefront
  2. Announcing your sales and deals of the day
  3. Take a walk through of your store and highlight a few new or seasonal products
  4. Host trivia-hour and offer prizes to winners

Get creative! Try out some ideas, and see what works for your business.

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