Instagram Beta Photo Albums

It appears that Instagram has been testing a new feature on select accounts… Photo Albums! It gives users the ability to upload multiple photos and/or videos in one post. Not surprisingly, it looks very similar to the carousel photos on Facebook.

According to Mashable, the feature allows up to 10 photos per post. You can add a single filter to all photos, or select different ones for each photo. To add multiple photos to one post, choose the first photo you would like to upload, tap and hold it down, and you will be prompted to select additional photos.

Is this good or bad?

Although this feature is still in beta testing, top sources are already sharing their mixed feelings on whether users will like it, or not. The opposing views have been strong too. Mashable even released a blog post titled “RIP Instagram” stating that “the feature will ruin the Facebook-owned service.” But there are plenty of people hopeful that the feature will become permanent. Albums may be the best solution for those pesky users that fill your entire feed with a bunch of their photos from their last outing or event –shared one at a time.

What do you think? Are you hoping to be able to use this feature, or are you dreading the release? Leave your comment below.

Instagram Beta Photo Albums

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