Annoyed With Only One Link on Instagram?

Every time you create a post, you need to drive viewers to your bio link. That means, every time you post, you need to remember to change out the bio link. I’m sure you’ve come across this issue too… what if someone views an older post, and then clicks on your bio link? Chances are that you’ve changed the link since then! It probably goes to something completely different now.

Many Instagram users include links within their posts, but they aren’t clickable! You can copy and paste that link into a browser on a desktop, but the majority of Instagram users are going to be on their smartphones. Even if the link has been shortened with a tool like, it is still too difficult to memorize it, open a new window, and type it in. You need to make your link as easy to access as possible!

The hack I found for these pesky problems on Instagram was to use the tool This freakin’ amazing tool gives you a page to add multiple links as buttons, and even change the color scheme to better match your branding colors.


How to Setup

  1. Sign up with your Instagram login
  2. Add your link titles and URLs
  3. Change the color scheme to your preference
  4. Copy the URL they provide to you
  5. Paste the link in your Instagram bio

Now, when a fan clicks on your Instagram bio, it will open a mobile-friendly page with a selection of links to choose from. Finally, you will be able to post multiple times in a week, and not worry that your bio link will be outdated.

Do you have a tool you love to use for Instagram? Or perhaps you prefer one over Let me know in the comments below!

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