Alright! Let’s talk about Instagram Ads! I am going to share my favorite strategies from industry leaders as well as what I have tried and tested with my own business. Here are the top 3 tips I have to share.

1) Don’t make your ad audience too broad

Many believe that creating a very broad ad audience will get them most engagement from their ad. Although this does sound good in theory, instead, you want to make sure that the people seeing your ad are interested in your content. Remember that you don’t want to use up your budget on people who won’t take action! Sue B. Zimmerman suggests including only one interest per ad. Here is the example she uses:

“If you are trying to reach female U.S. based photographers, then my ad set plan would be… Location: United States, Age: 25-55, Gender: Female, Language: English (All), Interest: Photoshop. That’s it!”  Read more here.

Using one specific interest ensures that your budget is spent reaching the people you want it to, and no-one else. Wondering how to create your own ad audience with a specific interest? Then check out the screenshots below.

Create Your Own Audience

Create Your Own Ad Audience

Add Your Specifications & One Interest

Instagram Ad Tips

Think Outside the Box for Interests

Creating your ad audience

3) Run Multiple Ads at Once & Compare Results

Running multiple ads at once with only one variance gives you the ability to see exactly what’s working and what isn’t. For example, run three ads at the same time, all with the same content, but using a different interest in each. Are you worried about remaining within your budget? Just divide your spending between them because spending less on an ad that is more likely to work, is better in the long run.

4) Leave Images Text-Free (if possible)

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-2-22-01-pmWhat sets Instagram Ads apart from other platforms is that they fit effortlessly into your home feed. Some may not even be able to tell that it’s an ad at first. Probably because it looks like something that a person you’re following could have posted. Images should look raw, real, and beautiful. One thing that instantly changes this look is filling the image with text. Keep in mind that your call-to-action belong in the description field, not the picture.

There is an excellent article by Curalate that rates a few ads on Instagram and gives tips on how they could improve or what they did well. Read it here!

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