Social Media Seminar Megan Cummings

I started my career at a marketing company that offers full-service marketing to businesses of all sizes, including start-ups. There, I learned the ins-and-outs of WordPress, social media, and email marketing. I then transitioned to a digital marketing agency, Alex Michael Holden, LLC. Here, I was given the opportunity to focus solely on social media marketing for small businesses and nonprofits. I work as the sole social media representative for both Alex Michael Holden, LLC. and their child company, Zero to Ready.

I enjoy working with small businesses because unlike large companies and corporations, it is easy to grow a relationship with the business owner. When you are in contact with the business owner on a regular basis, it is easier to understand their ultimate goal, what may be keeping them from achieving it, and how I can best be of help to them.

At Get Social With Megan, I offer a range of resources and customizable packages to fit the needs of my clients.

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